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Five Stars

My son was the first child that Marianne advocated for. When I say she has been there every step of the way, I mean she has been there, even with my children without disabilities!! You want the school district to act right this is your lady! Tribunal hearing, IEP, manifestation or whatever it may be she gets the job done. I fought Muscogee County School District for 7 years advocate after advocate and she is the only one who has gotten results. I’m so thankful for her!!!!


If I could Give Madison 100 stars I would. I can not recommend them enough. I have been fighting with chatco elementary for MONTHS! I called and I was able to get squeezed in within a week of my IEP meeting. They go above and beyond the call of duty. I have passed their information to everyone I know having trouble. They are flexible and kind. They fight to get you child what is federally required. I cannot stress how thankful and blessed I am to have an advocate for my child. The school takes me seriously and it helps to have someone who knows what your child is federally entitled too. Do not hesitate to get services. I will keep them as long as my child is in school. And that’s 12 more years! If you are struggling with the school strong arming you do NOT hesitate to get an advocate to fight for your child and Use them!

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The services Marianne provided for my two children was exceptional. She is extremely knowledgeable in the IEP process, eligibility, accommodations and modifications that provided much needed assistance for my children that I was not able to get on my own. She was and still is available when I have questions and concerns. Marianne truly understands the struggles families face with special needs children within the school setting. Her expertise far surpassed my expectations. Thank you Marianne for your commitment to the children and families in this district and the surrounding areas.


I don't think there are words to describe how much Marianne's help has meant to me. If you are fighting for your child, you can't do it alone. The schools know that a parent doesn't know the rules and laws the way an advocate does and they will take advantage of it. If you have a child that needs help like me, the best investment you can make in their future is an advocate like Marianne who brings her passion to the table.

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Was able to get attention to my God son's situation. We were without many things for two years. Thank you!

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After 11 years of fighting for a specific service for my child with an IEP, I found Marianne. It took her only a few months to get the services needed. That, for the life of me, I couldn't get for my child. Marianne knows the jargon, the legal language, the forms to fill out and the system to get things moving. She is respected in the community and within the school district. She is passionate to serve kids with special needs in the community. Don't wait years for help. Call Marianne and get things done asap! The early you get an IEP in place and hold the school accountable to it, the easier the future for your child will be.

A. Grigg
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If you need help attaining special services for your child within the school system, then Marianne Young is the person to get things done. After seeing her in action recently, I can’t believe I actually considered going through the complicated, intimidating process alone. Marianne’s experience, expertise and thorough understanding of the IEP process as well as relevant legal considerations were evident even before our first meeting. She provided an invaluable service for a child I am mentoring and myself. Not only is she an effective advocate, but she is also a genuinely good person with passion and concern for families in need. I am so grateful for the blessing of her services. Thank you, Marianne! The course of a child’s life will be forever changed because of your talents.

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Effective and efficient, knowledgeable and cares about your child! I got in a big jam that could have been detrimental to my son's incredible progress he has made and Marianne helped me get it fixed that very same day! I wouldn't of been able to get that done on my own. She advised me on what to do, she scheduled a key appointment, and sat right by my side acting as a voice in the best interest of my child. Her guidance and support meant so much!

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Marianne Young is outstanding in what she does. She does not only help your child get the services they need to succeed but also helps us parents through the process. Her understanding of the schools rules and also laws makes her even better with what she does.

I recommend her to anyone who feels their child with special needs, needs more than what their school is offering to call her for help. We finally have a weight off our shoulders. She is an amazing person.

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There are no word to express my gratitude for the help I have received in getting my child the help he needs. Mrs.Young has went above and beyond to make sure he will be successful. I will forever be thankful.

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She is an amazing, caring person and she has gave me and my son hope for his education! Thank you a thousand times!

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Marianne is a true gift! She came in and listened to our needs, researched my son’s case, and didn’t skip a single detail to help us get his IEP straight and all the services he needs. It has been a blessing working with her! She has probably saved my son from a long life of obstacles and frustration! We had no clue how much we really did not know about what services were actually available to him and his rights to receive them. I highly recommend her for your child’s needs!

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There are so many positive words that can be said about Marianne Young that it could fill this page. She is outstanding in her field, extremely knowledgeable of the IEP processes as well as what the LAW states. Not only will she help you understand the "lingo" - but has a heart of gold and truly cares for each child and the parent(s), caretakers. She is an expert in the field of Exceptional Services and truly an Advocate for those that have been taken advantage of by the system. I had no idea how difficult this process was and thank God daily, that she was there to "walk me through it" and catch the "loop-holes" to save my family... I recommend Marianne Young to anyone out there that has tried everything they know to seek help. She will direct you in the right path! Many thanks to you, Marianne, and many hugs! God Bless you!

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She is awesome, and very stern and thorough with explaining your rights and services that you have access to, to ensure your child can become successful.

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She is a results oriented consummate professional, who is truly passionate about her work and knows her stuff! I cant think of anyone better at this work!

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Marianne is amazing! She is knowledgeable, proficient, and she is always an email, phone call, or meeting away. She was heaven sent for my family. Before contacting her I was thinking of homeschooling. She has given so many avenues and outlets for my child’s needs. I have and will continue to recommend her services!

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Marianne has been a blessing for our daughter and ourselves. We went from feeling trapped and constantly worrying about our daughters education to feeling confident and happy with the direction things started going as soon as she stepped in. Having her on our side was like going from being in a dark and lonely place to dancing in the sunshine. She is the best decision we have made when it comes to our daughters education and we are beyond thankful for her hard work. She will continue to be a part of our daughters team throughout the years and I seriously recommend her to anyone who feels like they are drowning and getting nowhere. She can and will change that!

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Marianne is AMAZING! There are honestly no words that exist that can help me explain how big of a help she has been for my Mom and Step Dad. She sat down and talked with my Mom for hours discussing my Mom's concerns for my younger sister Kimberly. Today was the 2nd IEP meeting and she didn't settle for anything less than what Kimberly deserved! We can't thank you enough for everything you've done and will continue to do in the future!

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Everything I had ever heard about a SPED advocate had always been negative. I never thought I would need one so I didn’t bother to think otherwise, until I needed one. First, I was in a desperate situation. My child had been suspended from a program because of systems that were directly linked to her diagnosis. I had already cried, called everyone I knew that worked in SPED and I had no answers. I called Marianne at 9 at night expecting to leave my desperation on a voicemail, but she answered! I thought I had the wrong number! Marianne spent almost 2 hours on the phone with me that night, comforting me, reassuring me that my daughter had been discriminated against and I wasn’t being biased. She then put me in contact with a whole village of people that I now call friends, that were willing to support me and help me without knowing anything about me. When it came down to a face to face meeting with this program’s administration I knew that my emotions would never allow me to get all the points across that needed to be discussed, so I reached out to her again and without hesitation she was there. She walked us though everything we needed to say (and not say) and she fought hard by our side for our baby that can’t fight for herself. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and I catch myself frequently picking her brain to learn as much as I can. She has been a God send. Any child would be extremely fortunate to have Marianne on their team.

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Marianne is an amazing advocate. She has been there for me with many, many phone calls and meetings for my son with russell county alabama. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She has been so kind and helpful. If she didn't know for sure of an answer she would be able to find out or point me in the right direction. She truly is a blessing to my family. 

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Our experience with Mrs. Young has been nothing but exceptional. She is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. Additionally she ensures that we (parents) learn to advocate on our own. A skill that many of us don’t have and can really improve (at least in our case).

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She is a wealth of information and knows great resources within the community to add to your child’s education process. She passionately advocates for your child. She has been a great asset to us as a family and my child. I wouldn’t dare go into a meeting without her.

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I am a former special education teacher. 5 years ago, Marianne represented families on my caseload so effectively that when I needed support for my child, she was the first person that came to mind. In the beginning, Marianne was there to listen to me vent and bounce ideas, and when the time came that we needed her support, she immediately jumped in. Within 24 hours of letting the school team know that she would be working with us, they had a 180 degree shift in attitude, communication and mindset toward collaboration. After multiple 2 hour eligibility and IEP meetings that were getting tabled, we had a 35 min meeting that was incredibly positive and productive, because Marianne was involved. If Marianne does not know the answer to something, she researches it and backs it up with policy and quality research. She has great rapport with DODEA and fully supports the families that she works with. I cannot recommend her enough, both as a teacher and a parent!

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