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Georgia Medicaid Waivers

Exceptional Advocacy Services can assist and support in the development of the application for Katie Beckett and

NOW and COMP Medicaid waivers. 

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Medicaid Waivers allow for families to receive community support for their child with a disability. This support can be through ABA therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and more! These waivers allow families to receive Medicaid funds to support their child if they do not initially qualify for Medicaid due to income and/or if their insurance is not completely covering costs of these supports.

An Exceptional Advocate can assist in the application in the following capacity:

  • Provision of our unique checklist to assist in acquiring and organizing the needed documents to support your application.

  • Provision of all application documents in an organized fashion.

  • Meetings with the client periodically to 'check-in' throughout the application development process.

  • Assist in development and collection of necessary documents to submit with the application.

  • Support the client in completion application documents and answering questions or concerns.

  • Support in submission of the application.

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