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Site Title

  • Provide knowledgeable support for parents focused on getting the appropriate support, accommodations and services in place for their child during IEP and Section 504 meetings

  • Assistance in researching and support in making school choice decisions

  • Provide quality referrals for services such as:

  • counseling

  • speech therapy

  • occupational therapy

  • psychiatry

  • psychological and educational testing/evaluations

Exceptional Advocacy Services offers full service, expert special education advocacy and disability specific or IEP trainings. 

Direct advocacy services frequently include:
  • Reviewing psychoeducational reports and explaining their significance
  • Drafting letters that allow parents to effectively communicate their concerns

  • Preparing parents for meeting attendance

  • Attending  Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504, eligibility and all other school meetings

  • Securing special education eligibility for students  

  • Securing an appropriate educational services, accommodations, modifications or placement

  • Developing meaningful, measurable IEP goals

  • Addressing problem behaviors at school through the development or review of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

  • Reviewing IEP documents before you sign them

  • Deescalating contentious relationships between parents and educators

  • Preparing for and attending Manifestation Determination Meetings

  • Helping parents enforce their rights through the preparation and filing of complaints with the State Board of Education and the Office of Civil Rights and attend mediation

  • Referrals to outside resources such as legal services, independent evaluations, therapists and family support​

  • Exceptional Advocacy Services also provides training on a multitude of disability and special education topics for companies and non-profits

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