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Site Title

  • Facilitate working relationships between schools, professionals and parents

  • Provide knowledgeable support for parents focused on getting the appropriate accommodations in place for their child during IEP and Section 504 meetings

  • Assistance in researching and support in making school choice decisions

  • Provide quality referrals for services such as:

  • counseling

  • speech therapy

  • occupational therapy

  • psychiatry

  • psychological and educational testing/evaluations

Exceptional Advocacy Services offers full service, expert special education and section 504 advocacy for students with disabilities in across Georgia and Eastern Alabama, including  Department of Defense (DoDEA) schools. The process is often intimidating, frustrating and confusing for parents but we can help you every step of the way.


We can help by:

  • Reviewing psychoeducational reports and explaining their significance

  • Drafting letters that allow parents to effectively communicate their concerns

  • Preparing parents for meeting attendance

  • Attending  Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504, eligibility and all other school meetings

  • Securing special education eligibility for students  

  • Securing an appropriate educational services, accommodations, modifications or placement

  • Developing meaningful, measurable IEP goals

  • Addressing problem behaviors at school through the development or review of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

  • Reviewing IEP documents before you sign them

  • Deescalating contentious relationships between parents and educators

  • Preparing for and attending Manifestation Determination Meetings

  • Helping parents enforce their rights through the preparation and filing of complaints with the State Board of Education and the Office of Civil Rights and attend mediation

  • Referrals to outside resources such as legal services, independent evaluations, therapists and family support​

  • Exceptional Advocacy Services also provides training on a multitude of disability and special education topics for companies and non-profits